Over the years, we’ve developed a number of specialized approaches. 

These approaches were developed for specific challenges. They have been tried and tested in different projects and contexts, and have delivered consistent results. 

Here are a few of the ones we have most experience in.

Company culture transformation

Change your company culture in a profound and lasting way, going beyond the traditional "values on the wall", but working on both soft (team and leadership behavior, interactions, dynamics) and hard elements (management system, processes, KPIs, etc.) to install something that lasts and is maintained.

Digital (Culture) Transformation

Program designed to introduce digital/AI tools and/or ways of working and set up a dynamic in the teams where digital becomes an integral part of the daily operations and reflexes, and "the way we do things".


Program designed to develop and deploy a new strategy throughout an entire department or organization, making sure it lands and is embedded in the teams' daily operations to ensure that it doesn't stay a paper exercise.​ Here we go beyond simple "communicating" the strategy on a few nice slides.


Program designed to boost the performance of leaders and their teams, by putting a dynamic in place that works on both hard and soft levers influencing performance​, going beyond simply providing reports.


Structured approach to manage any type of change, from design to implementation, e.g., introducing a new process, way of working, tool, system, procedure, methodology, team structure, etc. We see it as a rocket to boost the rate of success of your implementation and go for lasting change.

Team Dynamics

Approach designed to work on inter and intra team dynamics, cutting through the typical "team building" fad, but working on the actual dynamics at hand, down to earth, leveraging both hard and soft elements, and aimed for result.

High Impact Meetings & Interactions

Program designed to set up highly effective meetings, interactions, collaborations, a company-wide escalation mechanism, etc., going beyond making simple "meeting rules", but setting up interaction dynamics that last.


Program designed to boost the effectiveness of leaders in how they can influence change, behavior, performance, team culture and dynamics, etc., going beyond the standard "leadership trainings", but is hands-on, practical and applicable from day one.

People Indicator Monitoring

Smart pproach to measuring key people indicators, like engagement, change readiness, adoption strength, culture strength, etc., going beyond that standard and generalized surveys, but introducing a monitoring dynamic, embedded in the strategic cycle of a team, department or company.