Our service offering

Our service offering in 5 domains.



Managing the people side of things or any form of change or deployment.
  • Establish a culture from scratch (e.g., in a new team, company, department, …)
  • Integrate different cultures into one (e.g., post-merger)
  • Cultivate an existing culture (e.g., when lots of newjoiners come in)
  • Transform a culture (e.g., due to a new strategy, methodology, root out undesired behavior, install new or desired behavior, …)
  • Leadership Behavior / Style (in line with the goal you want to achieve)
  • Leading Lasting Change (how to cultivate lasting change as leaders)
  • Supporting teams in their formation, improving inter- and intra team collaboration, relationship leader-team, etc.
  • Improving team engagement (incl., engagement monitoring)
  • Taking teams on a journey from a current to a desired situation, establishing lasting change and results
  • Examples: deploying a new strategy across the organisation, introducing new and comprehensive ways of working or new methodologies (like Lean, Agile, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence), digital transformation, etc.


Designing, introducing or improving ways of working or processes.

Establishing the right dynamics in processes by designing them from scratch with the right behaviors, interactions and cultivation, or redesigning (improving) them and recalibrating the dynamics.

Establishing a continuous improvement dynamic in teams, a department or across the organisation, with the right behaviors, interactions and cultivation (incl., pragmatic and proven impactful tools and techniques.

Implementing new or redesigned processes (i.e., change management specific for processes).

Establishing the right dynamics in processes aimed at better process adherence and controls.


Boosting performance of leaders, teams and individuals.

Boosting the effectiveness of leaders / teams / individuals in taking ownership of and driving their – and others’ – performance.

Establishing a mechanism to manage (i.e., track, monitor, drive and follow-up) performance, with the right dynamics  from everyone involved (behaviors, interactions, cultivation, incl., pragmatic tools).

Setting up High Impact Meetings, with proven effect on effectiveness and efficiency. 

  • Creating visual data reports and dashboards (e.g., using Python, PowerBI, Excel, etc.)
  • Analysing data (advanced analytics) and creating data stories / presentations
  • Performing measurements based on tried and tested and readily available analysis models (e.g., for performance, behavior, engagement, adoption, etc.), including developing specific measurements if needed


Managing or improving the success of portfolios, programs or projects.
  • A to Z Portfolio Management
  • Setting up a EPMO Office
  • Boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing portfolio by working on the dynamics
  • A to Z Program Management
  • Setting up a PMO Office
  • Boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of existing programs by working on the dynamics
  • A to Z Project Management
  • Boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of existing projects by working on the dynamics
  • Boosting the Change Management skills of project, program or portfolio management resources, ensuring it is applied correctly and with impact
  • Introducing pragmatic and proven Change Management tools and techniques, training, etc.


Advancing personal development and skills of individuals.
  • Establishing a Personal Development approach and dynamic
  • Supporting the Personal Development of specific individuals
  • Behind the scenes advisor or sounding board for specific individuals

With emphasis on role coaching or mentoring (i.e., related to the work context). 

  • Establishing a Skills Development approach and dynamic
  • Supporting the Skills Development of specific individuals

Providing specific training to individuals or groups (e.g., linked to the different tools and techniques related to Effective Dynamics).

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