School’s in session!

Yesterday, I went back to school … in front of the class this time 👨‍🎓! I had the privilege of giving a guest lecture at the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (Arteveldehogeschool), taking an eclectic and international group of students and faculty on a journey through the wondrous world of “change”. A topic near and dear […]

Make hybrid working work!

How can you make hybrid working work for you? 🤔 Time for a 4D-perspective! Last week Elke Carlier and myself gave a lecture on this particularly fascinating topic for a group of entrepreneurs of The Square community of Bank van Breda (and again on April 23 and May 23). Because hybrid working is here to […]

2023: a roller coaster year

Exactly 1 year ago, I took a leap and decided to “go solo” and start a company. And what a rollercoaster it has been … 🎢 And as the year draws to a close in just a few weeks, it’s time to reflect. ✅I had the privilege of working with an array fantastic clients, ranging […]

5 human prompts to boost the spirit of your team today.

Instead of ChatGPT prompts, let’s think about a few “human prompts” today that can bring a Genuinely-Personal-Touch to the day of the people around us (HumanGPT). Because, if you’re anything like me, you might also struggle to keep up with the gazillion ChatGPT prompts we should all have tried by now to “turbocharge” just about […]

A personal story about sustainability and changing habits.

On my way to my (awesome) client in Glasgow. By train this time, and not by airplane! Sustainability is all about changing habits. And we all know that’s never easy. But I need to practice what I preach. So I did some behavior engineering on myself 😉. ►I tried to look at things as objectively […]

Ready, set, go! A new journey starts.

Hello everyone, I’m very excited and proud to announce I’ve started a new company: Minds Alike Consulting ! ( The mission: supporting you in establishing effective dynamics & flow, for yourself, your team or your organization, so you can conquer any challenge and thrive. With lasting results. I know that’s a mouthful, but hear me out . ►Why […]