5 human prompts to boost the spirit of your team today.

Instead of ChatGPT prompts, let’s think about a few “human prompts” today that can bring a Genuinely-Personal-Touch to the day of the people around us (HumanGPT).

Because, if you’re anything like me, you might also struggle to keep up with the gazillion ChatGPT prompts we should all have tried by now to “turbocharge” just about anything in our professional lives …

Don’t get me wrong. What an astonishing invention! But I’m waiting for the “25 ChatGPT prompts to prompt ChatGPT about the prompts that best prompt ChatGPT about its most prompting prompts”.

That’s why, to give a bit of counterweight, and to bring us humans back into the fold just a little, here are “5 Human Prompts with a Genuinely Personal Touch, that will turbocharge the people and dynamics around you”.

Why not try out a few today, tomorrow, this week? But do it soon. I promise you’ll see the effect.

➡️Who’s with me?

P.S.: If you tried a few, and saw the effect, let me know or share it here for others to be inspired ✨.

P.P.S: Everything you’ve read here, has been written by me, a human 😇.