Ready, set, go! A new journey starts.

Hello everyone,

I’m very excited and proud to announce I’ve started a new company: Minds Alike Consulting ! (

The mission: supporting you in establishing effective dynamics & flow, for yourself, your team or your organization, so you can conquer any challenge and thrive. With lasting results.

I know that’s a mouthful, but hear me out .

►Why focus on “dynamics” & “flow”?
Being a work- & organizational psychologist, my passion is and has always been people. More specifically, trying to grasp the intricate dynamics between people, and how people’s behavior and interactions are shaped by the context they find themselves in.

Those dynamics are often the missing link in understanding why sometimes processes don’t work, or a culture is not moving in the direction you want, or leaders don’t lead they way you had hoped, or your team’s performance stays substandard, or improvement or change programs end with a dud, or why you can’t seem to connect with that one team or colleague, etc.

During my 15 years in leading culture programs, transformations, change management, improvement programs, and coaching professionals, that’s what always made the difference: getting those dynamics right. Once you do, things just start flowing better. Between people, between teams, between leaders and their team, in processes, during projects, etc. And that’s when you see tangible and lasting impact on performance, productivity, efficiency, engagement, and so on.

I call it creating Dynamic Flow©. If you want to know more, visit or just drop me a line here.

►Why “Minds Alike”?
Because I’ve always had the privilege and pleasure of working with – and for – people with whom I share fundamental values. And while we didn’t always agree on everything (thank goodness!), when it came to the things that mattered, we were always minds alike.

That’s what Minds Alike wants to be: like-minded people working with like-minded people, doing great things together.

►What’s next?
If you have a challenge, and you want to see if Minds Alike could be a good match to be your “compagnon de route”: reach out ( and let’s have a chat. I’m sure we can work something out. Looking forward to it .

To the journey !
Warm regards,